Welcome to PuthenPaana.org!

PuthenPaana (പുത്തന്‍പാന) is a beautiful poem written by Arnos Paathiri ('അര്‍ണോസ് പാതിരി' / Johann Ernst Hanxleden) - a German Jesuit 'ഈശോ സഭ' Missionary who came to and served at Kerala, India.

This site, PuthenPaana.org, is an attempt to make available everything about PuthenPaana, including the poem itself, online and in one place - so that nobody would have to search around for bits of information to brush up their memories, and to act as a platform for those interested to refer and ask/discuss.

The primary objective of this site is to get the the whole poem text typed in, in Unicode Malayalam, so that it gets displayed in all browsers without being much of a bandwidth hog. Once we have it that way, people can also download it in any format, including PDFs.
Another thing that I have in mind now is making the site act as a platform for sharing and discussing all information about and around this beautiful poem.

You can find the whole poem here.

If you have any doubts / suggestions / clarifications, please use the site's Contact form to reach us.

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